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January 2016

We highly recommend Roger at Fields Volvo. Not only did Roger help us find the perfect car for our family, he continued to assist us long after the purchase was made. He has been working with Volvo for decades. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the brand and we trust his expertise. Great guy, great representative of the company. Made the car buying experience remarkably pleasant.

-Lisa Weiss

October 2015

I had an amazing experience @ Fields Volvo with Janki. This dealership didn't try to sell me, which as a salesperson myself, I found very refreshing. Everything was simple/ straightforward and they were able to show me all of the features, and explain a couple of these features a few times:) I appreciated that they had a 2015 with 5k in miles in the showroom and I ended up purchasing that car. I also took note that there are several women working there and that I was paid attention to, which I don't tend to get with my other vehicle @ The Exchange. This was a 5 star experience which I rarely say!

- Karen Kavadas

Love quality cars but hate aggressive high-pressure car dealers? Then Fields Volvo is the place for you. Everything about our experience exceeded expectations. The showroom is cool and well-appointed with an extensive selection of coffee, snacks, and drinks, as well as a place for kids and professional work stations. More importantly, though, the selection of vehicles is superb and the sales staff is helpful and professional but in no way pushy. Our salesperson, Jackie Patel, was a delight to work with and we walked away with a great car at a fair price and a clear understanding of exactly what we were getting and what we were paying. I highly recommend Fields Volvo.

- M. Allen

I have to say that the entire car buying process from Fields Volvo was an EXCELLENT!! Every time I walked into the dealership, I was greeted with friendly smiles from everyone.
Roger Martinez is so pleasant and the BEST sales person; he is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and patient and he really took the time to understand my needs. Christi Brinckerhoff is always smiling and the BEST with explaining the financing piece and just to add she is also so organized. Joe Cotteleer is so nice and easy-going and was the BEST at providing the extra guidance. Each one of them made the whole experience that much easier and seamless.
I have to give a shout out to the entire dealership! I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a car, from the entire staff, to the cleanliness and the welcoming atmosphere, this is what car buying should be!
To the entire Fields Volvo dealership---Thank you for everything!!!

- Marla Lampert

September 2015

So, just to start, top notch dealership! Hence my 5 stars.

Interestingly, just 3 days prior to going over to Fields Volvo Northfield we had one of the worst car buying experiences ever which I won't get into here.

However, I saw they had a 2010 Subaru Outback at this dealership on their website. We had to check it out. My wife and 2 sons went to this dealership hoping to drive away with a much needed upgrade from our 1997 Toyota Corolla. We worked with Mike Kocielski. Mike was very professional and down to earth, a rare combo these days. He didn't come off like most car sales people where you feel like you are in a shark tank with people who could care less about anything except selling a car.

The car was in great shape, and the test drive was perfect, and we really wanted the car. So, we started the whole FI process. Having 2 young boys at a car dealership for 3-5 hours is usually a recipe for disaster, but at this dealership it turned out to be no problem at all. They have a great kid friendly service area with a noise-proof kids room. They had refreshments for us the whole time which made the whole experience second to none. In the end, they were able to get us a very affordable payment and we drove away with an awesome car.

I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase either a used car or a new Volvo. The people you will work with are great. Hope this review helps anyone looking to purchase his or her next car, trust me, taking a visit to Fields will leave you nothing less than amazed.

- Jay Irwin

July 2015

I bought an S60 Volvo at Field's in Northfield about two weeks ago. My sales person was Ewelina Mroz and she went out of her way to accommodate me. Best of all she was honest with me and that really helped me in coming to a wise decision. I would recommend this dealership and Ewelina to you if you are in the market for a Volvo.

- Harriet Weinstein

February, 2014

To Mangement at Fields:

I recently bought an S60 car from Fields, and I want to express my appreciation of the way I was treated before, during and more importantly after the sale.  Zoar has been wonderful.  He really seemed to care about his customer; he's gven me much of his time to answer questions on how to use all of the new devices.  Mike P was also terrific - spending much time explaining how to use the navigation system. 

You have a happy customer, thanks to Zoar and Mike P.  Please let them know how valuable they are to someone like me who wants to deal with a place one can trust.


Joyce Hammer

January 20, 2014

Dear Ms. Hubert

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding service I received from your Service Manager, Tim Kalvelage this past Saturday, January 18, 2014.  Thank you for providing such superior support to your customers.

A little history is meaningful as my mother, Anne Burgess, purchased the first new car in her life from you at the age of 83 and entrusted all service of the vehicle exclusively to you.  She swore by your reliability and care.  This past May, at the age of 94, she passed away.  I am her daughter, and have been commuting back and forth from Wisconsin where I live, to take care of her affairs.

I have only driven the Volvo a few times since my mother's death, but due to car problems of my own, I drove it down to Decatur, IL this past Thursday to attend a funeral.  Friday afternoon it refused to hold a start and the temperature gage went instantly up to high, despite being parked in sub-freezing weather for many hours.  As there is no Volvo dealer in Decatur, I took it to the only foreign car dealer in the city who promised to see to it first thing Saturday morning so that I could return to Highland Park that day as planned.  Sadly., they were not true to their word and I was stranded!

I phoned Tim Kalvelage to see if anything in the car's history might indicate a problem that my mechanically minded friend could attend to, or if the symptoms might spark an idea of what he could check.  Tim went over and above the call of duty in the time he dedicated to helping me by investigating, researching and speaking with his technician.  He spoke at length with my friend telling him a number of things to try and the most probable solution.  Because of his help, my friend was able to purchase a part at a lcoal auto parts dealer and replace it.  This fixed the problem and I was able to drive the car home safely.

I was extremely relieved to not be left stranded, wondering if this dealership would even eventually fix my car correctly!  But, most importantly, I was so very impressed by all the time and assistance Tim gave to me.  I am so grateful for a person of such dedication, integrity and care.  He truly brings trust and respect to the position of Service Manager, but also to your dealership as a whole.


Nancy S. Price

December 8, 2013


Mr. John Fields


Fields Auto

C/o Ms. Pat Hubert


Ms. Pat Hubert

General Manager

Fields Volvo

770 Frontage Road

Northfield, IL 60093



Dear Mr. Fields and Ms. Hubert:


The purpose of this letter is to commend you both for your excellent employees:


Doug Morris, Fields Auto Service Director;

Tim Kalvelage, Fields Service Director;

Mark Laskowski, Fields Volvo Sales Manager;

Jose Linares, Fields Volvo Service Advisor; and,

Technician staff members


deserve special recognition for outstanding customer service during my 2000 S80 165k service last week. A simple letter expressing my gratitude somehow seems inadequate.


With care from your excellent service department, since purchasing my S80 as a new vehicle, it has been very reliable and appreciated. During my last visit, diagnosis of a starter problem proved to be somewhat difficult; and, until the problem could be determined, starting the car would be problematic.


While over the years as a loyal Fields customer, I have often recognized the honesty and integrity of the dealership, the great compassion, respect, and consideration shown to me last week was outstanding. In spite of the lack of available "loaner" cars, your team made sure that I had a vehicle to use while mine was being serviced. This great courtesy allowed the 165k service and diagnosis to be completed. Your technician staff also provided me with a "work around" for the starter problem.


I want to keep my Volvo S80 running for the foreseeable future. I have no doubt that Fields Volvo will help me do just that. Also, when I am able to purchase another Volvo, you can be assured that it will be at Fields Volvo.



Mike Beck

July 22, 2012

    I would like to say that my experience at Fields has to be one of the best I've ever had at any car dealership!  Mr. Pritchett was a  consumate professional and a true gentlemen.  I've been to a few dealerships in my time but none were as professional, inviting,and frankly, enjoyable as Fields.  When I was searching for my next vehicle I was hoping/looking for a dealership like Fields.  As an aircraft technician I appreciate quality customer service and technical competence.  Considering the fact that I was buying a used car and not dropping 50 K for a new Volvo and still being treated as a valued customer made me love Fields even more!  When I'm in the market for a new vehicle, I'm going to type in Fields before all others!!!

Paul J. Larson

    June 17, 2011


    I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Justin in your service department has been great to work with. I called him from the road when an urgent message showed on my XC90 and I was concerned that my car was undriveable. He put me at ease and let me know what the problem probably was and that I did indeed need to bring it in. It is a tramsmission problem that Volvo is taking care of, that I so appreciate. He has made the inconvenience to me and my business as painless as possible and I so appreciate that with my work schedule and trying to not miss or reschedule my prior appointments. I run my own business and know how important it is to have good people working for you. Justin is a great asset to you. He was able to give me one of your own loaner cars until mine is fixed, which helped me stay on my schedule, which for me is huge.

    Thank you again, and wanted you to know he is handling me and probably many of your other clientele very nicely.

Elizabeth Lisk

    March 4, 2011

    Dear Mr. Fields:

    I had my 2002 Volvo S40 serviced at your dealership last month, and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my "experience" at your dealership.

    My daughter Carlin attends Northwestern, and now is able to have a car with her at school. Shortly after driving the ca out to her over the summer, I brought the car to Fields Volvo for a routine oil change and to meet the Service Manager. At that time I was aware that this Volvo would be requiring a major service and the car would need to be at the dealership for an extended period of time. Your manager advised me to call to schedule the service (which involved replacing the timing belt, among other things), and the dealership would allow me a loaner vehicle, and would do their best to accommodate having the work done within a day, barring some unknown disaster.

    I called and scheduled, and last month left Boston on a 6 am flight, took a cab to the car from the airport, and promptly drove to your dealership. Justin Russo was waiting, with a loaner, and immediately got the car in for the appropriate service. The technicians, not surprisingly, found additional issues to be dealt with, and all the work was completed, on time, by the end of the day. I returned the loaner, and in the morning, was able to drive my car to Bloomington to watch my daughter dive at Big Tens. The car runs and sounds great, we have a game plan for additional work to be scheduled for my next trip out, and I am just delighted. Justin paid attention to the details, and worked within my timeline, which I well know is not always possible. (I have 3 Volvos.) I am grateful for his thoroughness, and wanted you to know that I am looking forward to coming back to Fields Volvo in the near future.

Kathryn I. Oates-Dacey

    December 4, 2010

    Dear Mr. Ruiz:

    I hope this email finds you well. I'm a Volvo owner and have been getting my car serviced at your location on and off for several years now (dating back to the prior owners). I've owned 4 Volvo's now so I'm familiar with the servicing requirements and cost that come with owning a Volvo. I wanted to take this opportunity to praise one of your team members, Justin Russo who recently assisted with a 75,000 mile servicing of my Volvo. when he saw the total cost of the scope of work, Justin took the time to enroll me in your Coupon program which resulted in a $125 savings on the work. He then attached a personal note to my bill (I picked up the car later in the evening) letting me know why he had enrolled me. I can't tell you how far such a gesture, especially in these challenging economic times, matters to customers like myself.

    I can easily tell that Justin takes great pride in what he does, something that I believe is hard to find in service roles today. He is courteous, professional, personable and most importantly, looked out for his client's best interest (especially on this most recent service visit). I use Justin every time I visit your location and he goes above and beyond every time (renting me a car with Enterprise when there were no loaners, having someone drive me home, calling with updates on repairs, the list goes on!). Anyway, I hope you will take this opportunity to recognize his efforts in providing me with a great overall customer experience!

    I can say with great confidence that you now have a customer for life!

    Best regards,
Geffrey Miller

    July 22, 2010

    Dear Steve:

    I was pleased to read your recent letter with pleasure. That is why I take this opportunity to reiterate that I experienced flawless assistance, great attention and superb customer service at Fields Volvo in Highland Park during the time you expertly assisted me with my purchase of the S60 Volvo I currently enjoy with great satisfaction.

    The overall experience at Fields Volvo impressed me and I have relayed my personal experience to other perspective buyers. In my opinion, what sets Fields Volvo dealership apart is the presence of a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction and additional care rendered in every aspect of the customer's inquiries.

    As a result, I only be delighted to keep recommending Fields Volvo dealership and your splendid services in particular to others.

Alexander Ivakhnenko

    May 4, 2010

    Dear Mrs. Hubert:

    Thank you for your inquiry of satisfaction. Although I seldom respond, I did want tot take a brief moment and express how happy and impressed I was in my interactions  with Mike Pritchett and Rene Chavez. Every aspect of our transaction was professional and courteous. The price offered for my trade was very fair and I consider the overall value for the Infiniti quite good. I was not prepared to finalize a deal when I arrived but Mike made everything just seem "right". Mike and Rene had to do all of the paperwork themselves as Maria was off and accepted my personal check with credit card guarantee and my promise of bringing title to my trade the following Saturday. Two days afterward, I had a couple of warning lights appear on the Infiniti. I know I purchased it "as is" but I contacted Mike and asked for any consideration he might provide. Mike and Rene agreed to have the vehicle fixed - if reasonable - at your sister Infiniti dealership and provided a loaner for the day. I then took their advice and purchased a warranty with Maria. Overall, a great experience in all respects and I hope, some day, to be in a position to refer others to Mike and Rene. Congratulations on an excellent dealership and again my appreciation to Mike and Rene.
Dan McMenamy

    May 4, 2010

    Dear Pat:

    I am very happy to respond to your communique.

    As a member of the 75,000 mile club, I have been pleased by the service and benefits of this membership, especially during these financial times. I have recently presented my 1999 S80 for scheduled maintenance, as well as needed additional service. During these visits, I continue to find the dedication and attentiveness to my needs that I have come to experience with Fields Volvo. I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Justin Russo, Service Consultant, for his attention and follow-up on parts and keeping me apprised of the service status. This type of thoughtfulness and attention to detail was comforting and exemplifies the quality of service at Fields. I would also like of offer my appreciation to Caesar (service transporter) for safe and comfortable transport.

    Please accept my rating of your service area as '5' (your highest rating) for the recent service provided.

William Tyler

    December 14, 2009

    Dear Pat:

    I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know about some exemplary service I recently received from two of you associates.

    Justin Russo went above and beyond the call of duty in getting my car into the service queue and made sure it was taken care of as soon as possible. He was also kind enough to point out some available discounts and I sincerely appreciate that.

    Bill Galluzzo has always done a great job taking care of my S80 and this last time was no exception. He has always been honest and straightforward with the repairs necessary over the years.

    Both Justin and Bill have built up and maintained the high degree of trust I have for your dealership. They have made it worth the trip to your new location.

    Thank you,
Heath Hummel

    September 14, 2009

    Dear Pat:

    I want you to know what a pleasant buying experience it was to work with Steve Farshi at your facility. Neither my wife nor I can think of any other occasion when we were treated with such respect and honesty when buying an automobile.

    It is indeed a pleasure doing business with Steve and Fields Volvo. Steve is very professional and knowledgeable about the business. He knows how to be helpful to his customers without turning up the pressure. We appreciate that and look forward to doing future business with Fields Volvo.

    We also are aware that company culture starts with its management. We want to thank you, too, for being the kind of manager who makes it possible for Steve to perform his job to the best of his ability and also for managing such an outstanding automobile dealership.

    I am also well pleased with your service organization. They were very friendly and were able to answer any questions I had concerning the maintenance of my Volvo.

    My wife, and I, will most certainly recommend Fields Volvo to others. I will also give Steve and your dealership the highest ratings on any surveys I am asked to complete by Volvo and Fields Volvo.

    Kind regards,
Daniel Sherman

    May 29, 2009

    Dear Mr. Fields:

    All too often customers will write letters to complain about an experience with a business. I have been so impressed, over the years, with your team of service professionals at the Fields Volvo Service Department that I was compelled to write.

    I was a customer of the Highland Park dealership before Fields' took ownership. Let me say what an improvement that has been for me. Mr. Fields, in my opinion, auto dealerships are a "dime a dozen" and what differentiates true leadership in any industry is the customer service. Your realization in that vision is apparent in your dealerships' concepts, from complimentary car washes to the food and beverage offered to your customers. The true indication of whether or not I will do business again with anyone, is how I'm treated once the sale is complete. With that said, the service team of Chris, Marco, Dave and Justin at Fields Volvo deserve a "great job" compliment from me and hopefully a monetary bonus from their management teams.

    I hope you realize how much they go above and beyond in making your customers feel like their car being serviced is the only problem they are dealing with at that time. Also, they make us feel like part of a family, which makes the unpleasant experience of having our cars serviced a pleasurable one.

    Please let Chris, Marco, Dave and Justin know how much I appreciate their efforts. They truly are the difference that gives Fields' its reputation of excellence. Word-of-mouth advertising is assured from me. Thank you for your time and choice of service professionals at Fields Volvo in Highland Park.

Valerie Gish

    February 5, 2009

    Dear Mr. Fields:

    I am writing this letter to commend you on the professional staff that you have working at your Highland Park Volvo Dealership. I want to share this story with you, regarding the service that I recently received.

    This was my first Volvo purchase and after several weeks of searching for the right fit - I came across your dealership. It was a 2005 White S40 which was in impeccable shape, but unbeknownst to me and your dealership, this car had its own agenda. I purchased it on January 24, 2009, and the next day I had to have it towed back to the dealership, so I encountered a rough start right out of the gate (not starting - electrical problems, etc.). Unfortunately, under the circumstances, I count not confidently keep this car without fearing that something else was going to happen, so I had to return it immediately.

    During the couple of stressful days that I encountered with this car, I was in contact with your sales staff, Mr. Zoar Avni, and Mr. Rene Chavez. I cannot say enough about them. They assured me that Fields Volvo was about service and they were going to do whatever they needed to do to make this wrong - right. I felt as if they were more concerned with the recent customer relationship we just established than the recent sale. As it turned out, they put me into another Volvo and she is running like a charm.

    I am so glad I gave your staff the opportunity to rectify the problem than just have walked away.

    I would definitely recommend your dealership, and more importantly, my sales associates, Zoar Avni, and Rene Chavez, to a friend.

Kelli A. Sullivan

Dear John and Dan Fields,

I wanted to take a moment to drop you a line about an extraordinary customer relationship management situation...Recently, my second Fields new car (ever) a 2004 XC-70's transmission failed. That was particularly unusual (and vexing) for a car that was only about 8 months out of warranty with approx 52,000 well maintained miles on it...

Just over a week ago, I contacted your excellent Service Manager, Chris Goodrich, and also gave Volvo N.A. a call to see if there were any special programs...The delightful woman I spoke to advised that she would notify the regional manager, Mr. Tony Williams, and they would get back to me ASAP...

The next day, Chris called to advise that, yes, this situation was highly unusual and between them, they would cover the whole repair at no charge to me! This was certainly a very pleasant surprise and I am grateful for their kindness and your excellent organization standing behind this potentially relationship altering situation...

I am a really good Volvo story - please see below and attached...So, it is unequivocally Volvo for life and Fields for almost as long as I have been driving - 38 years (I worked for Fields Cadillac here in Evanston when I was 18 years old, hiking cars!)!

Please take a moment to see the attached...I can't believe I found the crash car Polariods...My Volvo story is below.

First Volvo: My mom purchased a 1970 Volvo 164 that was a really great car to drive when I got my drivers license - with a 4 speed (+overdrive) - she now drives a Fields Infiniti. I have owned at least 5 Volvo's - Too bad I can't find photos of one of my all time favorites, a sweet 1979 244 DL - like one depicted here but U.S. model.

Saved my life: The "crash car - lifesaver" was a 1973 Volvo 145 wagon - in primer because I was ready to get the hood painted but, unfortunately, a drunk person jumped over the median of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (before there was a guardrail) and trashed the poor thing (I am sorry to say, the other driver died)...that was January 12, 1986. The police said that they estimated the impact was the equivalent of hitting a brick wall at 100 mph.

Amazingly, and despite the crushing blow, both front doors opened and closed perfectly and the windshield received a small crack. I had the radio for that car in my 1971 MGB Roadster until about 2 years ago (it died and I upgraded). I notified Volvo, they sent people to inspect the car, and later, I received a handwritten letter by Pehr Gyllenhammar, Volvo's Chairman.

A car buff, I have owned more that 50 cars, almost all foreign, 10% Volvos - The 1998 white V-70 AWD was my first ever brand new car followed by my latest 2004 XC-70.

So now you know my Volvo story...I will remain grateful to Chris, Marco (who managed my repairs) and your organization and I will see your sales department when it's time for a new chariot (waiting/hoping for an AWD Volvo wagon hybrid - like the one depicted in Popular Science). Feel free to share or duplicate this info with anyone, for any purpose.

With best regards, I am
Yours sincerely,
Brian G. Becharas

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