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Every Volvo Genuine Part is crafted to ensure you spend more time driving your car and less time servicing it.

Not all parts are created equal

To maximize the time between servicing (up to 10,000 miles) and preserve the original safety and integrity of your vehicle, choose Volvo Genuine Parts. They're always guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself - and include a lifetime warranty when they're replaced at an authorized dealer.

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Volvo Genuine Brake Discs

The brake disc is an integral part of the complete vehicle braking system. Its function is to transfer kinetic energy into heat via friction between the disc and brake pad. The disc is connected to the axle and is clamped up during braking by the brake pads in a caliper to slow wheel rotation.

The brake system needs to be able to withstand high temperature differences and extreme weather conditions. The brake pad together with the Volvo brake disc will deliver solid brake performance and minimize comfort issues such as brake noise and vibrations.

Volvo Genuine Brake Pads

The brake pad is a part of the complete braking system and contributes by transferring kinetic energy into heat via friction between the disc and pad material.

Among the requirements, the brake system needs to be able to withstand high temperature differences and extreme weather conditions. The Volvo brake pad was developed with the Volvo brake disc, and together they deliver optimal brake performance.

Volvo Genuine Wiper Blades

The job of the wiper blades is to remove water and dirt from the windshield properly at all speeds and in all weather conditions - rain, snow, muddy roads. Considering the fact that approximately 20% of all road accidents are related to lack of visibility, it also becomes clear that windshield wipers must be seen as safety components.

It's important to check wiper blades twice a year and change them at least once a year. This applies even if the wiper blades haven't had much use since the aging of the rubber affects the wiping performance. As the rubber ages, it becomes harder, resulting in deteriorating wiping performance. Lines of water on the windshield, vibrations, noise, smears, and inability to remove dirt properly can compromise visibility and, consequently, driving safety. The wiper blades not only wear as a result of usage on wet, icy or dry surfaces but also as a result of being exposed to the UV radiation of sunlight.

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Volvo Genuine Batteries

The cars of today place high demands on high battery capacity, quick charging and high initial start power. The Volvo Genuine batteries fulfil all demands for maintenance free operation and are based on PowerFrame technology.

A modern Volvo has some 60 systems and components that consume electrical current, and several of them require power at the same time. This makes great demands on the battery. Volvo Batteries have been designed to use the entire battery potential in an optimal way. Because of this, the car will offer full functionality (for a longer duration).

Volvo Genuine Cabin Filter

A cabin filter is a filter installed to clean the incoming air in order to ensure a healthy in-car environment for the driver and passengers. The cabin filter should be replaced at every scheduled maintenance service or once a year, and it is important to know the reasons for replacement if the customer should question the cost.

The most common type of filter in Volvo cars is the multi-flter. It has a fine dust layer that cleans the incoming air of particles, pollen and dust; combined with one or two layers of active carbon to capture odours, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and ground-level ozone.

The cabin filter also serves to protect the heating and air-conditioning circuits because it eliminates anything that could affect their proper operation (dry leaves, insects, bacteria). Thereby, it increases comfort in the passenger compartment and optimises driving safety.

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Volvo Genuine Air Filters

Air sucked into the air intake contains contaminant particles such as sand, dust, water, soot or pollen. As air passes through the air filter, it is cleaned according to the quality of the filter. To achieve good cleaning efficiency, a high degree of filtration efficiency is required. The optimum must be found between filtration efficiency and flow resistance.

The Air Mass Meter determines the mass of air available for combustion to take place in the engine. If particles from contaminated air are deposited here, this can lead to incorrect measurement and thus sub-optimal fuel combustion, a decline in performance and a decrease in fuel economy. Contaminant particles in air entering the cylinders may accumulate on the pistons, leading to damage which is expensive to rectify.

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