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At Fields Volvo Northfield, we're proud to serve an automaker with such a great reputation for making quality vehicles. Our Volvo dealership is happy to say we have many new cars here that seems to offer something for everyone. Volvo vehicles are packed with state-of-the-art technology, and we know that a lot of customers may not be familiar with all the industry jargon. We've created this handy guide to help you navigate some of the features you'll find on our vehicles.

Powertrains, Fuel Efficiency, and Safety Features

·         Stability Control is a feature that will detect the loss of traction and automatically apply the brakes to help steer the vehicle where the driver needs it to go.

·         Brake Energy Regeneration will feed back braking energy to the battery when you release the accelerator or brake while the gear is engaged. It works to conserve energy that would otherwise be wasted.

·         Front Wheel Drive isn't all created equal. Our Volvo dealership is proud to say that the Volvo advanced front wheel drive system is designed to provide better traction than you might expect.

·         Electrical Power Assist Steering provides the latest technical innovations for safety and convenience. This feature saves fuel and responds to your commands. Northfield drivers will notice responsive steering with this feature, and they can adapt the steering characteristics to suite your needs.

Entertainment and Convenience

·         Sensus is a suite of technologies that will connect you with not only your car but also the world around you. This system lets you stream music and more through your favorite apps. This feature also turns your car into your own personal hotspot so you can stay connected, and with the navigation, you'll get to where you need without a problem.

·         IntelliSafe is a suite of safety features that will help to protect you and your passengers in the car including Adaptive Cruise Control, a 360 degree camera, Blind Spot Monitor, Park Assist Pilot and Lane Keeping Aid. The City Safety features will give drivers a quicker response for city driving with features like Pedestrian detection, cyclist detection, and Forward Collision Warning. These safety features will also include some that cover you from every angle, like the stronger construction.

Our Volvo dealership in Northfield, IL would love to show off these features at our dealership so drivers can see everything that a vehicle can offer. We would be happy to help you find out which Volvo on our Northfield dealership lot has the features that you know you just cannot live without. We invite you to head in soon so we can show off our new and pre-owned inventory. You can take the car you are interested in out for a test drive so you can see if the features give you everything you are looking for, and then we will be happy to make sure you can finance that car.