There are a lot of myths that you might hear about buying a car. When it is time to buy a new car at Fields Volvo Northfield, you may wonder what to believe and it can be overwhelming. However, our Volvo dealership is here to assist you, and that means busting these myths for you. Our dealership is full of quality new and pre-owned vehicles for you to consider, and our service is top-notch. Let us debunk some of the most common myths so you know what to actually expect when you come in.

One of the most common myths about buying a new car is that if you pay for it in cash, you will get a better price. This is not always the case at our Volvo dealership because we have offered many incentives throughout the years on financing that may be a better option for you, especially if it is a stretch for you to pay with cash. We have also heard the myth that buying a car on a rainy day will get you a better deal because the dealership will have fewer customers. This myth will also be busted at our Volvo dealership, and you will find that we still get customers on our lot during rainy days. Finally, it is a myth to wait until the end of the month to buy your new car so the dealership can lower the price to meet their quotas. We are always looking to serve our customers best no matter what time of the month they come in.

We know you will be more prepared to buy a new Volvo for sale at our dealership, but there are a few other things you should know, such as if you plan on actually buying the car or if it would be better for your situation to lease it. If you plan on buying, you will also need to decide if you are only looking at new cars or if you plan on considering our pre-owned Volvo inventory as well. Finally, you will also need to consider if you will need help with financing.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the fact and fiction of buying a new car. If you have any questions, we want you to come over to our Volvo dealership near Chicago soon so we can tell you more in person. While you are here, you can take a look at our inventory of vehicles and decide which model is the one for you. If you are stuck between a couple vehicles, we encourage you to take them out for a test drive to see which one is your favorite before you buy. We're located at 770 Frontage Road, so come by and see us soon!

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