There is more information than ever out there about how to take care of your car. Some of it is great, while some of it is not so great. At Fields Volvo Northfield, Skokie, IL's home for certified Volvo cars, we've sorted some of the good tips from the bad.

Good Advice

Try not to let your gas tank fall below a quarter tank. There are various reasons for this that extend beyond not having to worry about running out. Firstly, in the cold Chicago winter, you should try to keep the tank at least half full to prevent condensation buildup. Secondly, having at least a quarter tank at all times will cut down on the concentration of debris that can clog your filter.

Bad Advice

If you've been told that the PSI number on your tires is its recommended pressure, then you've been given bad information. That number is actually used to tell you the maximum amount of air pressure the tire can safely contain. While the tire can perform at this level, it will put undue stress on it and cause it to wear out quicker. The manufacturer's recommended pressure is the number you should go by.

Odds are you've heard that you're supposed to let your car warm up when it's cold. Have you ever asked why? Or, is it just one of those things that sound true? Regardless, it isn't actually true. Feel free to hop right in and go. Truth be told, the engine will actually heat up faster that way.

The Volvo service center here at Fields Volvo Northbrook offers a wealth of information that you can trust on. If you're ever unsure about something, you need only ask one of our qualified service specialists.

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