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Tires are the parts of your vehicle that connect you to the road, and as such, they play a critical role in both safety and performance. Tires affect vehicle handling, braking, ride quality, and safety, and for optimal performance, your tires need to have the proper amount of tread, inflation, and balance.

Unfortunately, tire maintenance is something that can be neglected, which is why we would like to highlight its importance here at our Volvo tire center, where you can shop for car tires online.

When to Get Tire Maintenance

Poor tire maintenance can lead to premature tire wear, a blowout, or a flat tire. Other than the tires themselves, poor maintenance of suspension parts and wheel alignment can play a role in tire issues. Here are some signs that you need a tire inspection at our Volvo service center:

  • Under-inflation: Too little air pressure in your tires causes only the tire’s outer edges to make contact with the road. This creates wear on both edges of the tire tread.

  • Over-inflation: Too much air pressure in the tires causes only the middle section to make contact with the road. This causes the center of the tread to wear prematurely.

  • Unusual noises: Unusual vibration or thumping noises can be signs of an out-of-balance tire.

  • Car pulling to one side: If you’re driving at a steady speed and notice your car pulling to one side, you may have an underinflated or damaged tire.

Trusted Our Tire Center near Deerfield

If you have noticed any of the preceding issues, it’s important to schedule an appointment at our Volvo tire center. In addition to being able to shop for car tires online, you can also schedule tire service, allowing your car to be as safe and high-performing as it was when you purchased it. Visit Fields Volvo Cars of Northfield today!

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