When to Purchase New Tires for Your Volvo S60

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?Are you wondering when you should replace the tires on your Volvo S60? Let our local Volvo dealers near Chicago help.  

Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

Tires should last an average of three to four years, and maybe longer. All tires come with an expiration date, which our Volvo dealers can help you find. But tire lifespan depends on other factors as well, such as your driving habits and the kind of weather you encounter. 

In between routine service visits, you can be proactive by looking out for these warning signs that indicate your tires may need to be replaced.   
  • Visual signs of damage. We recommend that you check your tires once a month to look for any signs of damage. If you notice any tears or rips, bring your vehicle to our Volvo service center for immediate repair or a replacement if necessary. 
  • Check your tread. Another great check to do while you’re conducting a visual inspection of your tires is to test the tread level. Use a penny to see if you’re dealing with shallow tread. Place the coin into the grooves of your tires and if you see President Lincoln’s head, that’s a good sign that you need a replacement. 
  • Tire pressure issues. If you’ve noticed that your tires don’t maintain proper inflation, this is a strong indication that your tire or tires may need to be replaced. 
  • Changes in ride quality. A rough, bumpy, or noisy ride isn’t just unpleasant. It can also be a sign that your tires are on their last legs.  

Lean on our Volvo service center experts to help you know what warning signs to look out for with your tires. If you have any questions about tire care, ordering, and replacements, we’re just a short drive or phone call away. 

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