Smart Self-Driving Features from Volvo

At Fields Volvo Cars Northfield, customers can find a wide variety of new and pre-owned Volvo models, along with services from a team of automotive professionals who make your satisfaction their main goal. One of the many things our team is excited about is the new smart self-driving features found in our Volvo vehicles.

Technology is always advancing, and it is changing the way we communicate, live, and drive. New technology is helping drivers spend less time driving and more time enjoying the ride. While completely autonomous vehicles are still slowly making their way to the market, there is plenty of similar technology found in Volvo cars and SUVs.

For instance, Volvo’s auto brake system, or City Safety, helps you avoid potentially harmful collisions autonomously. This system prevents collisions with everything from other cars to pedestrians, and it can be found in models like the 2019 Volvo XC90 near Highland Park, IL.

Pilot Assist is another innovative self-driving feature built into many new Volvo vehicles. It helps make driving on the highway easier and safer by automatically braking, accelerating, and even steering the car for you. It's the closest thing to autonomous driving and removes a lot of the stress on the road while still leaving you in complete control of your vehicle. 

Volvo’s Park Assist Pilot makes parking easy by automatically reversing into a parking spot or even parallel parking; and you won’t even have to lift a finger! These are just some of the modern new self-driving features found in our fleet of new Volvo cars. 

To experience some of these incredible features firsthand, visit our Volvo dealership serving Evanston, IL where our skilled and passionate sales staff can set you up with a test drive. At Fields Volvo Cars Northfield, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and can't wait to show you all that Volvo has to offer. 

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