Automotive Resolutions for 2019

At Fields Volvo Cars Northfield, we make our customers' satisfaction a priority. Between our wide selection of new and pre-owned Volvo cars to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Volvo car buyers can expect a lot out of our dealership. And with the start of 2019, our team can help you fulfill your automotive resolutions for the new year.

With the new year, drivers are given a chance of a fresh start. From poor driving habits to disregarding regular maintenance requirements, the new year gives us all the chance to change things up and take better care of our vehicles. 

One New Year’s automotive resolution that you can follow is taking care of the motor oil in your vehicle. Motor oil serves as a lubricant for your car’s engine and can keep all of the complicated pieces moving smoothly while out on the road. When your motor oil is dirty, your engine has to work harder, dramatically hindering the lifespan of the engine and hurting factors like fuel economy. 

Another New Year’s automotive resolution that you can adopt is stomping on your brakes. Sometimes sudden braking can’t be avoided, but doing so on a regular basis can cause your brake pads and rotors to wear faster. Instead, consider driving at slower speeds and rely more on momentum rather than the accelerator and the brake pedal. 

These are just a few helpful automotive resolutions that you can follow this year. When you visit our Volvo dealership near Libertyville, IL, our team can help you discover the car resolutions that work best for you.

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