How You Can Participate in National Car Care Month


Here at Fields Volvo Cars of Northfield, you can expect to find a Volvo dealership made up of a passionate sales staff that are experts with all things automotive. For that reason, we’re excited to help all our customers participate in this year’s National Car Care Month.

What is National Car Care Month? Well, much like Spring Cleaning, National Car Care Month is your opportunity to visit us to have your car serviced by a professional automotive technician. This can mean anything from receiving a thorough multi-point inspection to having your tires swapped; National Car Care Month is your chance to catch up on any maintenance or to service that you haven’t had a chance to complete before.

One popular way to celebrate National Car Care Month is to bring your car in for detailing. We can clean off Spring pollen, and polish your car from bumper to bumper to make it look as good as new. Another crowd favorite for celebrating National Car Care Month is to bring your vehicle in to have your tires inspected. Over time, tire tread wears off. Our team of automotive technicians are happy to check the condition of each and let you know if you’re due for changing or rotating. 

Plenty of our customers visit us during National Car Care Month to have their motor oil changed out. Motor oil is a lubricant for your engine and helps keep all  the intricate pieces of your engine continue to move smoothly. Unfortunately, over time, this motor oil can develop grime build up. By swapping out your motor oil every three months or so, you can avoid the costly consequences of leaving old motor oil in your engine.

If you’re looking to take part in National Car Care Month, our team at Fields Volvo Cars of Northfield can certainly help. The technicians in our Volvo service center are fully equipped to handle any mechanical service you might need. Whether you’re looking for a new car, or want to improve your current driving experience, we’ve got you covered at Fields Volvo Cars of Northfield. 

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