Volvo Vehicle Warranty 101


Recent years haven’t just seen Volvo cars take big strides in terms of looks; they’ve also stepped up their game with regard to innovative technology, and some equally innovative warranty and service options. Here, Fields Volvo Northfield answers some of our Evanston customers’ most common Volvo warranty questions.

What is the warranty on new Volvo vehicles?

If you’re buying a new Volvo vehicle, the top-line number is a New Vehicle Limited Warranty of four years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, there are also warranties that apply to individual systems, like seatbelts and supplemental restraints (five years, unlimited miles), corrosion protection (12 years, unlimited miles), and emissions performance. There’s also four years’ worth of Volvo On Call Warranty Coverage with roadside assistance, and the Complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance program. Your Volvo dealer will give you full details.

What’s the Volvo Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Warranty?

Any certified pre-owned Volvo car certified after January 2, 2013 is covered by a 7-year/100,000-mile exclusionary CPO warranty that starts from the original in-service date of the car. You get Volvo Roadside Assistance for the duration (no matter your mileage) and zero deductible for eligible repairs. It’s also transferrable if you decide to sell your vehicle.

What is the Volvo Service Advantage program?

It’s a lifetime parts and labor warranty on all dealer service done after your warranty runs out. It doesn’t apply to accessories, or to consumables like oil, coolant, or filters. However, if you need to replace a durable part, it’s warranted for life. The program also includes alternative transportation, free diagnostics, and more; your Volvo dealer will fill you in on details.

If I modify my car, will that void the warranty?

It could. Unapproved equipment, accessories, and devices aren’t covered under the warranty. Anything improperly installed, even if it’s approved, could also cause issues. Your best bets are to consult your Volvo warranty manual or your Volvo dealer serving Evanston IL.

There’s more to your Volvo warranty, just like there’s more to new Volvo cars. With that in mind, visit Fields Volvo Northfield for answers to any warranty questions you may have, or to learn more about Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) plans. 

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