Fields Volvo Cars Northfield, your Illinois Volvo dealer, wants to make sure you are using the best fuel type for your car. Interestingly, that might not mean what people think it does.

The 2018 Volvo S90 runs best with premium gas. Its engine is designed to process it in a way that will improve the cars fuel economy and performance. For the 2018 Volvo S90 premium is best. However, not all engines are created the same. Another car’s engine might be designed to run on regular gas. To understand how this works, it would be best to go over the different classes of gas.

Types of Gasoline

Gas is divided up by the amount of octane it possesses. If the gas has an octane value of 87 it is classified as "regular". If the octane value is 89 the gas is considered "mid-grade" or "plus". Finally, any octane value of 91 or higher is considered "premium" or some variant thereof.

What does octane do?

Octane allows the gas to burn slower while still providing just as much power. This leads to better fuel economy and performance. There is a catch, though. If the engine is not designed to process the higher-octane gas properly, it will burn it like it would burn gas with a lower octane level, making the additional octane content all but useless.

This means putting premium gas into a regular tank has pretty much no profound effect on the vehicle's performance. Unfortunately, the reverse is not also true. If you put regular gas into an engine designed to maximize premium gas in can lead to problems with acceleration and fuel economy.

Fields Volvo Cars Northfield wants its customers to know that when it comes to gas, one size does not fit all. Find the combination that works best for you and your car. by stopping by and chatting with our experts today.

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