When you’re looking for Volvo cars for sale, it’s important to know the basic specifications you’re looking for. One of the bigger decisions you’ll have to make is which kind of engine you want. At Fields Volvo Northfield, your Evanston, IL,Volvo dealer, we’re here to make sure you know the differences between your options.


What Engines Do

Engines create the energy a car uses to move. This process is known as combustion. The energy created via combustion is transferred to the transmission. The transmission uses this energy to propel the car into motion. When you hit the gas pedal, you are providing more fuel for more intense combustion, creating more energy, and moving the car faster.



If you are looking for high output expressed through torque and horsepower, you’ll find that they improve as the number of cylinders increases, since combustion happens in the cylinders. Most modern car engines have anywhere from four to twelve cylinders. Four-cylinder engines are commonly arranged in an inline, or straight line, formation expressed as I4. A common configuration for six-cylinder engines is V6, which indicates that the cylinders are arranged in a ”V” shape.


Putting it all Together

The energy your engine produces for combustion comes from the gas you put in your car. The more cylinders you have means the more combustion you have and therefore the more fuel you’ll need. As the number of cylinders increases, power and performance will follow — and so will the amount of money you’ll spend at the gas pump.


There is a final difference between an I4 and V6 engines, and that is the price. A 2018 Volvo S60 with  four cylinders will cost you less than the same model equipped with a five-cylinder engine. Of course, as always, the choice is yours, and we’re here to help you make it at your local Volvo dealership near Highland Park.

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